Mohawk Paper

Mohawk Fine Paper

Mohawk Fine Paper

Printed on high end, archival quality paper by Mohawk Fine Paper; the perfect choice for fine art projects and the only choice for the Falconer’s Creed. Mowhawk’s Superfine Ultra White paper is 130lb for added durability and quality, ensuring crisp edges for both letterpress printing and embossing.

No other paper has the same reputation for quality, consistency and uniformity, with its superb formation, lush tactility, archival quality and timeless appeal.  Superfine – aptly named for its superiority and the excellence of print.  Soft to the touch, clean and spotless with the highest-quality fiber formation makes this sheet ideal for  fine-art prints and books, and all high quality printed pieces. The soft palette of whites provides the ideal canvas for truer, richer colours. Mohawk Superfine is the finest printing paper made today.

Creating a quality product while making good choices for the environment Mohawk paper is

•  Elemental Chlorine Free    •  Lignin Free    •  Made Using Wind Power   •  FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified

Acid Free     FSC Certified      Green-e Certified       Windpower